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“Countering the Genealogy of Amnesia”

In order to create different narrative methodologies and to build a link with the present, but also to raise awareness of subdued narratives, an important element of our research project is the development and presentation of an alternative archive. In such a way we are to develop The Archive: “Countering the Genealogy of Amnesia” that will be continually updated on this website as our research unfolds. As one of the project’s primary platforms, the archive will chronologically trace the progress of our research.

The archive is a collection of digital and digitized materials that address the subjects and objects, the territories and events of oblivion and amnesia. The documentations, interviews, texts, videos, visuals, and other archival materials, that are original works of affiliated artists or materials recorded and collected during the project’s research phase, will not simply be presented and exhibited in a raw form; they will be edited along visually distinctive and discursive lines and formats, interlinked, and contextualized.

Specifically, we will develop a growing online video archive including 70 hours, 85 to 90 interviews and documentary materials, tying together the three sites that compose the “Genealogy of Amnesia” in Belgium, Austria, and B&H/Croatia/Serbia and “Republika Srpska.” The digital archive permits for cross-references and links to and between the collection of related materials, allowing for the opportunity of access from differing perspectives and points of departure: territorial, personal, and topical.

The archive will be accessible online for future research and further development and expansion.

Search the Archive of Amnesia (in progress)