Genealogy of Amnesia: Rethinking the Past for a New Future of Conviviality is the title of an interdisciplinary, arts and theory based research project. It is funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) through its Programme for Arts-based Research (PEEK). The research is developed at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, from 2018 to 2020.


“Exposing an Unfinished Belgian Process of Decolonization” (PDF) (Ghent 2018), on the performativity of colonial monuments and the role of artistic interventions in the postcolonial public space, by Marte Van Hassel.


“Words Precede Actions” (PDF) (Vienna 2018), excerpt from Marika Schmiedt’s catalogue that displays racist genealogies of discrimination and the ghettoization of Roma people in the West and East of Europe.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and "Republika Srpska"

“Bosnia and Herzegovina: Memory / History – Archives – Knowledge” (PDF) (Sarajevo 2018), by artist and researcher Adla Isanović.

GoA SYMPOSIUM in Vienna: Genealogy of Amnesia – Crushing Silences, Constructing Histories

November 8-10, 2018 A symposium on the silencing of colonialism, anti-Semitism, and contemporary turbo-fascist nationalism in Belgium, Austria, and former Yugoslavia. The international and interdisciplinary symposium,...

LECTURE at East-Central European Art Forum Conference in Poznań

Marina Gržinić, The Postsocialist and Postcolonial Conditions as Features of a Conceptualization of a “New” Geography October 27, 2018 at East-Central European Art Forum, 26-27.10.2018, Conference: Theorizing...

LECTURE at Graz Symposion on Photography

Marina Gržinić, Images of Violence, or the Violence of Neoliberal Necrocapitalism October 5, 2018 at Camera Austria Symposion on Photography XXI, 5-6.10.2018, Die Gewalt der Bilder /...

KEYNOTE LECTURE at Sarajevo Conference

Marina Grzinic and Adla Isanovic, Memory and History and the Act of De-Historicisation June 28, 2018 Three-Day Conference in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 27-29.6.2018, Ruins, Remains, and...

GoA WORKSHOP in Belgrade on Post-war Nationalism, Memory and History

May 20, 2018 Belgrade Workshop: Post-war Nationalism, Memory and History Workshop with Ana Isaković, Nebojša Milikić and Aleksandra Sekulić, at Center for Cultural Decontamination, Belgrade Belgrade Workshop PDF This...