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Book (2019-2020)

“Opposing Colonialism, Antisemitism, and Turbo-Nationalism: Rethinking the Past for New Conviviality

This volume will challenge our ability to re-imagine another world — one that will not discard its genocidal past, but ultimately enables a structure of conviviality, enacting a transformative politics for a future yet to come.

At the beginning of the 21st century, it is obvious that a demand is posed for critically questioning inherited knowledge. In such a context, the practices of remembrance and the violent politics of imposed forgetting crucially require a rethinking of institutionalized archival politics. Authors who research the politics of memory and who are also engaged with artistic practices that rely on archives, databases, and history are essential for the development of contemporary narratives on memory and history, archive, and knowledge.

Three theses are central to the book, the complete volume of which will unite the voices and perspectives of different generations of scholars:

  • The spaces of memory and history must always be critically re-examined, deconstructed, and reconstructed anew.
  • The archive is not a passive container, a kind of objective and neutral storage of history — on the contrary, it manages and controls the reading of history and thus shapes the current political reality.
  • The emergent field of artistic research opens up the possibility to investigate the emancipatory potential for the production of critical thought through art and culture.