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Stories Of Traumatic Pasts: Counter-Archives for Future Memories

October 8 – April 3, 2020
at Weltmuseum Wien

The exhibition hosts an international group of artists, exhibiting multiple formats across a variety of media. The intention is to perform a visual-epistemic delinking from amnesia in order to expose the pluriversality of thought, communities, histories, narratives, epistemologies and alliances in relation to memory and history. Therefore, displayed works will serve the function of double index, footnote, and hypertext in relation to the project’s main topic. The goal is to create a network of deeply discursive and visual cross-references via photography, performance, text-based works, and video screenings, in order to initiate the involvement of different communities. This type of framing enables the production not only of an academic but also of a public debate on the absence of particular topics in society, provoking further reflections upon the present moment.