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16.02.2018 Lecture at Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA), Spain
“The Boundary Condition. About the archive and its limits – Memory and History and the act of remembering” (by Marina Gržinić)

28.06.2018 Keynote at Sarajevo Conference “Why Remember?”, Bosnia and Herzegovina
“Memory and History and the Act of De-Historicisation” (by Marina Gržinić and Adla Isanovic)

6.10.2018 Lecture at Graz Symposion on Photography, Austria
Images of Violence, or the Violence of Neoliberal Necrocapitalism (by Marina Gržinić)

27.10.2018 Lecture at East-Central European Art Forum Conference in Poznań, Poland
The Postsocialist and Postcolonial Conditions as Features of a Conceptualization of a “New” Geography (by Marina Gržinić)

9.11.2018 Lecture at Symposium Genealogy of Amnesia (Vienna), Austria
Burdened by the past, re-thinking the future (by Marina Gržinić)

10.11.2018 Lecture at Symposium Genealogy of Amnesia (Vienna), Austria
“New” Fascism. The Aftermath of the Europeanization of Western Balkans and the Necropolitics of Historical Revisionism (by Sefik Tatlić)

10.11.2018 Lecture at Symposium Genealogy of Amnesia (Vienna), Austria
Rethinking Politics, Memory and History after Totalitarianism (by Sophie Uitz)

19.11.2020 Online Lecture, Stories of Traumatic Pasts (by Marina Gržinić)

18.12.2020 Online Guest Lecture on European Traumatic Pasts at University of Vienna SeminarAdvanced Seminar: Clinical Psychology and Health Psychology” (by Marina Gržinić and Sophie Uitz)