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    Centre for Women’s Studies, Zagreb: Workshop Zagreb 2019


    Centre for Women’s Studies Zagreb is the first non-institutional educational center in Croatia. It was founded by a group of feminists, theorists, and scholars, peace activists, and artists in 1995. The Centre provides an interdisciplinary program and expert knowledge on women’s issues and is a meeting point for academic discourse, artistic practice, activist engagement. The Centre’s publishing program is focused on publishing the results of Croatian feminist research and theory, as well as translations of selected key feminist texts. Until today they have published more than 50 titles. The Centre’s feminist theoretical journal Treća – [The Third] was launched in 1998 and has been published annually ever since.

    The main quality of the Women’s Studies educational program is its interdisciplinarity and integrality. The program offers an insight into the diverse themes of feminism and gender studies, women’s culture and history, women’s rights and gender equality. During its 20 years of work, the Centre has seen more than 600 participants complete the educational program, and more than 1000 participants involved in various specialized programs.


    Module: Feminism Between Nation-states and Capitalism

    It is clear that what global capitalism brings in front of us is a necessity to revisit globally racist, homophobic, and discriminatory processes, not as simple identity differences but as processes that are entangled with capital, new media technology and with the change of the mode of life under capital’s brutal modes of racialization and exploitation.


    • Marina Gržinić

    State nation, feminism, capitalism, memory, history

    Feminist perspective: from former Yugoslavia turbo fascism to neoliberal postmodern fascist Europe


    • Šefik Tatlić

    Nation-state, feminisms, capitalism

    Political analysis of memory and history in the space of former Yugoslavia



    Date: 27/05/2019
    Place: Centre for Women’s Studies, Zagreb, Croatia

    Lecturers: Marina Gržinić, Sefik Tatlić
    Filming: Valerija Zabret
    Editing: Marina Gržinić, Valerija Zabret