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    G. Kaninda, K. Soiresse Njall (CMCLD)


    Lecture: “The Challenges of De-Colonial Movements – The Afrodescendants Facing the Colonial Denial and the Mutations of the Colonial Propaganda in Belgium”
    at Genealogy of Amnesia Symposium, November 8-10, 2018 (mumok, Vienna/Austria)

    The rise of a new generation of Afrodescendants in Belgian society who are calling for an end to Belgian colonial paternalism and attainment of a citizenship that will be respected, is creating a fundamental movement in Belgian society, forcing the political system to adapt.

    Geneviève Kaninda and Kalvin Soiresse Njall are activists of the Collectif Mémoire Coloniale et Lutte contre les Discriminations, a decolonial movement, formed by several African associations in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. Its main themes are colonial memory and the fight against discrimination, its mission is to uphold a fight for building a decolonial society.

    Date: 09/11/2018
    Place: mumok – Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien (Austria)

    Filming: Valerija Zabret
    Editing: Marina Gržinić, Valerija Zabret