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    Monique Mbeka Phoba: Workshop Brussels 2018


    [French original with English subtitles]

    Monique Mbeka Phoba is a filmmaker born in Brussels, the daughter of a DRC diplomat. She visited the DRC during her school holidays, but established herself in Belgium. She studied at the Saint-Louis High Business School, and obtained a degree in International Business in Brussels. Her graduating thesis was on “Cooperation between the European and African audiovisual industries.” While being student, Monique Phoba gave talks on African culture on a student radio called Radio-Campus and wrote articles in various newspapers in Brussels and Geneva, as Tam-Tam, Negrissimo and Regards Noirs. She made several documentaries, her first fiction film is titled “Sister Oyo.” This short film recounts the shaken vision of the world seen by a 10-year-old Congolese who attended a boarding school run by Belgian nuns in the 1950s during the colonial era.

    This talk was given as part of the workshop Memory / History: The Power of Decolonialization, Art and Interventions (with Monique Mbeka Phoba, Laura Nsengiyumva, Womba Konga aka Pitcho).

    Date: 03/05/2018
    Place: “leSpace”, Brussels (Belgium)

    Filming: Muzaffer Hasaltay
    Editing: Marina Gržinić, Valerija Zabret
    Transcript (French): Brancika Brankov
    Translation (French-English): Sonja Gobec