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    Rudolf “Rudi” Vouk

    Rudolf “Rudi” Vouk is an Austrian lawyer, politician and human rights activist of Slovene ethnic background, known for his legal and political fight for the minority rights of Carinthian Slovenes.

    Because of his involvement in the subject, he was elected a member of the Presidency of the political party Enotna lista. In 1997, he became a municipal councilor of Eberndorf (Dobrla vas), and in 1999, he became the chairman of the National Council of Carinthian Slovenes, one of the two central coordinating organizations of the Slovene ethnic minority in Carinthia. During 2000-2003, he was the chairman of the Carinthian Slovenes delegacy at the National Minorities Day, but he moved to the role of Vice-Chairman in 2003. With the gained political influence, he continues to promote the legal rights of the Slovene minority at Austria’s Constitutional court.

    He became famous due to several successful proceedings before the Austrian Constitutional Court. He successfully obtained the decision on bilingual road signs and the decision on the use of Slovenian as an official language in Carinthia, Austria.

    He is the author of numerous publications on minority law issues and aliens´ law.

    Positions: Rudi Vouk
    Recorded: 27.09.2019, Ljubljana, Slovenia
    Research: Marina Gržinić
    Camera: Valerija Zabret
    Editing: Marina Gržinić and Valerija Zabret