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SYMPOSIUM: Performative Digital LAB/Zoom-presentations


BUILDING NEW VOCABULARIES OF RESISTANCE. Screening, lectures, performative interventions

November 11-12, 2020
12.00 to 16.00 (CET/Vienna time)

The art-research project “Genealogy of Amnesia” (FWF-PEEK Project, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna) in cooperation with Österreichisches Filmmuseum andkulturen in bewegung, an initiative by VIDC, Vienna, announces a collaborative two days of screenings, lectures, performative lab situations onto the topic of evaluating film and video languages to oppose discrimination, epistemic violence, invisibilized realities, lost memories, and closed archives. The two days lab situations will be going on with filmmakers, curators, students, and the younger generation of film and video artists and Viennese activist communities. New film languages will be discussed through processes of changing established narratives and imperial knowledge.

The first part is a two afternoons Digital LAB/Zoom-presentations by Tjaša Kancler (Barcelona), Saša Kesić (Belgrade), Christoph Kolar (AT), İklim Doğan (Turkey/AT), Mika Maruyama (Japan/AT) and Mai Lin (AT), Marissa Lobo (Brazil/AT) and Nevline Nnaji (USA/Germany).

The second part is a two-night screening program at Österreichisches Filmmuseum with films by Selma Doborac (AT), Nevline Nnaji (USA/Germany), and Morgan Quaintance (UK).

Trailer of the Performative Digital LAB (2020).

Talk with Nevline Nnaji at performative film lab on November 12, 2020 on her  feature-length documentary Reflections Unheard: Black Women in Civil Rights  (US, 2013, 81 min.). Nevline Nnaji is a film director, pole dancer and multi-media artist from Northampton, MA., US.

The collaborative film program presents a coming together of several partners: the Österreichisches Filmmuseum,the project “Smashing Wor(l)ds: Cultural Practices for re/Imagining & un/Learning Vocabularies,” supported by Creative Europe and led by kulturen in bewegung, an initiative by VIDC, and the art-research project “Genealogy of Amnesia” (FWF-PEEK Project AR 439, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna). It will be two days of intensive encounters of inspiring program of experimental, profoundly defiant film practices that oppose injustice, xenophobia, and systematic racist exclusions. (M. Gržinić)