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    Boris Hajdinjak

    Boris Hajdinjak is a historian, geographer, and director of the Center of Jewish Cultural Heritage / Synagogue Maribor.  Hajdinjak was a teacher at secondary schools in Maribor since 1993. Since 2003 he was also a co-worker of the Center of Jewish Cultural Heritage Synagogue Maribor, and from 2017 he is its director. He is the author of textbooks and workbooks of geography and articles about the Slovenian medieval and early modern history and the history of the Holocaust in Central and Southeastern Europe. He has participated in exhibitions of museums in Brežice, Maribor, Ljubljana, Ptuj and Ravne na Koroškem and the production of documentary films about medieval noble family Lords of Ptuj and Holocaust in Yugoslavia.

    Date: 26/08/2019
    Place: City of Women office, Ljubljana

    Interviewer: Marina Gržinić
    Filming: Valerija Zabret
    Editing: Marina Gržinić, Valerija Zabret