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    Maria Pohn-Lauggas is a sociologist, is a Professor for Multi-Method Social Research at the Center of Methods in Social Sciences at the University of Göttingen, Germany. Her research fields are in the field of after-effects of National Socialism in Germany and Austria in particular about biographies of descendants of resistance fighters and other stigmatized groupings of victims and survivors of the Nazi-regime, intergenerational and collective memory and memory practices. She was a Hertha-Firnberg Fellow of the Austrian Science Fund at the University of Vienna (2013-2016).

    Date: 10/10/2019
    Place: Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria

    Interviewers: Marina Gržinić and Šefik Tatlić
    Filming: Valerija Zabret
    Editing: Marina Gržinić, Valerija Zabret