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    The Mauthausen Memorial

    The Mauthausen Memorial today is an international site of remembrance and political-historical education. Here, the memory of the victims is being preserved, the history of the Mauthausen Concentration Camp and its sub-camps is being researched and documented, and through exhibitions and educational programs, its visitors are empowered to deal with and discuss the history of concentration camps.

    From 1938 to 1945, the Mauthausen Concentration Camp was a pivot to a system of more than 40 sub-camps, and the central site of political, social and racial persecution by the NS regime on the Austrian territory. Of a total of 190,000 persons held prisoners here, at least 90,000 were eventually killed.

    The Mauthausen Memorial aims at raising awareness for any resurgence of National Socialist activities, anti-Semitism, racism, discrimination of minorities and anti-democratic tendencies. Furthermore, it is supposed to contribute to preserving public knowledge and memory of National Socialist mass crimes committed at the former Mauthausen and Gusen concentration camps, and at all its sub-camps. The Mauthausen Memorial regards itself as a place of remembrance and education, with human rights education through live teaching of history being among its central tasks. It promotes the teaching of history, communicates its significance for present and future times and aims at pointing out comparable present-day developments, tendencies, and processes.

    WEB: https://www.mauthausen-memorial.org

    Date: 11/10/2019
    Place: Mauthausen Memorial, Austria
    Guided tour by Christian Dürr

    Interviewer: Marina Gržinić
    Filming: Valerija Zabret
    Editing: Marina Gržinić, Valerija Zabret